70 of the nation's largest hospitals shared insights on their social media team size and structure, budget, tech stack, agency support, and more. 

As hospital social media leaders plan for 2024, this survey data is critical to benchmark budget, strategies, and key priorities and make the case for more resources. 

SocialMedia.org Health members shared data and insights on their:

  • Team size and structures 
  • Budget and resources
  • Social platform presence 
  • Tech stack
  • Agency vs. in-house support
  • Content management responsibilities
  • 2024 goals and predictions 

While SocialMedia.org Health is not a research organization, our community of social media leaders at major hospitals leverage this confidential group of peers to benchmark with one another and share best practices for effectively running their social media programs. 

There's no other place where healthcare social media leaders can get real-time information about a wide scope of relevant topics to help inform their strategies. Download this report to see how your social media program stacks up against other major hospitals.

This report is a redacted version of the members-only, detailed PDF shared within our community. If you'd like to have access to the full report, consider becoming a SocialMedia.org Health member and joining our community of nearly 90 of the biggest hospitals in the country.