About this panel discussion:

Recent proposed legislation and ongoing platform leadership concerns have created uncertainty in the ever-changing landscape of social media. As you plan for the new year, do you have what you need to safely navigate these brand risks while also elevating your strategy in 2023?

Adjusting your social media strategy for ongoing hurdles and evaluating your brand's approach to evolving channels is necessary to manage your organization's online presence. Whether it's the proposed ban on TikTok or Twitter's unpredictable policies, how are you addressing social media uncertainty for your enterprise's strategy?

Download our panel discussion with some of the foremost social media leaders on:

  • Navigating potential impact to social customer care
  • Evaluating brand presence on legacy and emerging platforms
  • Enabling an agile approach to the next social media dilemma
  • Engaging with executives during times of uncertainty

Meet the panelists who led the conversation:

David Lingholm

David Lingholm, Social Media Team Lead
Consumers Energy


Lisa Hill, Social Media Lead, WoW Studios
Whirlpool Corporation


Jennifer Manger, Vice President, Social Media Marketing
Wells Fargo

Headshot (1)-4

Erika Heyer-Watts, Social Media Manager

Meet the moderator:

Maggie Walsh

Maggie Walsh, Digital Marketing Manager

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