Insights from social media leaders at the world's largest companies on creating effective team structures by aligning goals, adapting to trends, determining specialized skills, and cross-functional collaboration.

Social media leaders featured in this guide

Temeka Easter Rice

Temeka Easter Rice, Head of Social Media

April Virhuez

April Virhuez, Director of Social Media Strategy
Prudential Financial

Brandy Mann

Brandy Mann, Global Social Media Governance and Alignment Manager

Whether your company has a large, well-established team or a smaller social media presence, creating an effective team structure is necessary to enhance your company's brand awareness and consumer engagement.

We gained insights from social media leaders at the world's largest companies on how they're creating successful team structures to advance their goals. members shared best practices on:

  • Aligning social media goals to larger business objectives
  • Determining which skills and roles are needed for success
  • Stretching your social media dollars and achieving more with less
  • Defining the boundaries of your social media team
  • Leveraging data for strategic business decisions

Unlock the secrets to building an effective social media team structure and take your social media strategies to new heights. Download our guide to gain insights from social media leaders who've created successful team structures at their companies.

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