Actionable insights from social media leaders at the nation's largest hospitals on how to prioritize your audience's needs, collaborate with different departments, and stay up-to-date with evolving technologies and trends for a successful strategy.


Katie Kelty

Katie Kelty, Director of Creative Services

Jonathan King

Jonathan King, Senior Social Media Specialist

Kelly Macejewski

Kelly Macejewski, Senior Communications Specialist
Children's Health

Laura Simson

Laura Simson, Advertising and Brand Manager
Children's Wisconsin

Creating a well-rounded social media strategy for a large hospital requires collaboration across all business lines and a deep understanding of your patients' and providers' needs.

To help you develop an effective social media strategy, we spoke with several social media leaders at the nation's largest hospitals for insights on how to build, or rebuild, your social media strategy. Our Health members shared their experiences on:

  • Addressing audience needs
  • Understanding which content audiences want
  • Collaborating with all business lines
  • Breaking down silos
  • Keeping up with industry trends
By incorporating these leadership insights into your strategy, you can prioritize your efforts and stay ahead in the constantly evolving world of social media. Download our guide to gain expert insights on building out a successful healthcare social media strategy.