About this panel discussion:

Social media leaders often face challenges related to career advancement, age biases, and credibility, as social media is often seen as for younger individuals.

For those starting a role in social media, career progression can also be a significant concern. What are effective strategies for demonstrating credibility and advancing in this field?

Join our panel discussion with social media leaders on:

  • Navigating age biases in the social media landscape
  • Working with diverse skill sets in your social media team
  • Building credibility through a strong personal brand
  • Setting goals, gaining skills, and advancing your career

Meet the Social Media Leaders in the Panel:

Nicolle Lopez

Nicolle Lopez, Social Media Manager

Allen Plummer

Allen Plummer, Global Head of Content
The Carlyle Group

Robbie Schneider-3

Robbie Schneider, Enterprise Social Media Manager/Content Marketing Leader
Franciscan Health

Makenzie Bowker

Makenzie Bowker, Senior Manager of Social Media Strategy
City of Hope

Meet Our Moderator:

Emily Hall - Headshots-1

Emily Hall, Senior Director of Marketing
Executive Platforms

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