About this panel discussion:

The future of your social media strategy hinges on your ability to create compelling content that connects your brand with your audience.

A successful content strategy isn't just essential for brand success; it's the difference between standing out or blending in. But with new and emerging technology and evolving audiences dispersed across various platforms, how are you keeping your social media content fresh and engaging?

Download our panel discussion with heads of social media from the world's biggest brands for insights on:

  • Uncovering the power of UGC and EGC
  • Evaluating your platform presences
  • Navigating cultural and crisis moments
  • Weighing agency vs. in-house support structures
  • Leveraging AI tools to optimize your content creation

Social media experts who led the discussion:

Catalina Holzer

Catalina Holzer, Director of Content and Social Media
Hilton Grand Vacations

Dace de la Foret

Dace de la Foret, Director of Social Media and Enterprise Brand Content

Lauren Eiden

Lauren Eiden, Social Media Content Manager
United Airlines

Meet our moderator

Veronica Magan

Veronica Magan, Director of Content Marketing

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