About this panel discussion:

Strategic planning is critical for staying ahead in the industry and ensuring your social media efforts are prepared for emerging trends and technologies.

As we approach 2024, the social media landscape continues to transform, presenting both opportunities and challenges for large companies. What best practices can you implement to embrace change and make informed decisions to maintain relevance and achieve long-term success?

Download our panel discussion with heads of social media from the world's biggest brands for insights on:

  • Deciding which programs are worth investing more into
  • Determining your paid social media mix
  • Aligning budget and resources
  • Enhancing your social listening strategy

SocialMedia.org members who led the discussion:


Kristi Daraban, Associate Vice President of Social Media

Thom Lytle Adjusted Profile

Thom Lytle, Senior Director of Social Media

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James LaCorte, Social Media Manager
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina


Carolyn Cohen, Senior Marketing Manager
H&R Block

Meet our moderator

Nicholas Graham

Nicholas Graham, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

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