Expert insights from social media leaders at the nation's largest hospitals on how to decide if TikTok is worth pursuing, account ownership, content creation strategies, and tools to monitor your TikTok accounts.


Katie Hunter

Katie Hunter, Senior Creative Specialist
Northwestern Medicine

Steve Mizek

Steve Mizek, Social Media Specialist
Rush University Medical Center

Brad Haller

Brad Haller, Social Media Director

The emergence of TikTok has opened a new venue for social media leaders at hospitals to create engaging videos and provide educational resources for patients. With over one billion active users, it's no wonder many are wondering how to incorporate TikTok in their healthcare social strategies. Health spoke to several social media leaders at the nation's largest hospitals about:

  • How to decide if TikTok is worth your efforts
  • Key steps to set up a successful TikTok account for your brand
  • Account ownership and responsibilities
  • Content goals for hospital teams
  • How to monitor your TikTok account

Whether it's keeping up with trends or engaging with new audiences on emerging platforms, download our guide to get the leadership insights that will help you successfully incorporate TikTok into your social media strategies and increase brand awareness.